Sharp industries is an Industrial Distributor with specialized knowledge in the Pulp and Paper industry, as well as extensive experience in Municipalities, Oil & Gas, and Energy. We have a wide range of innovative products and plant maintenance services for the Pulp and Paper industry along with other General Industrial applications. We have been faithfully serving all industrial manufacturing in our territory for over 20 years. Sharp Industries has been providing solutions using high performance Knife Gate valves, high performance Ball Valves, Digester valves, Butterfly valves and many more throughout our territory. Even though we have years of expertise is in valving, we have introduced and service in-line Consistency measurement and various process measurement instrumentation. We also specialize in Sheet break detection for all types of paper production machines.

In our Chemical division, Sharp Industries provides a custom turnkey solution for a safe and easy alternative to Hydro Blasting and Acid cleaning. Rydlyme has proven to be the most environmentally safe and effective descaler that is safe to handle and will not harm or damage your equipment. Not only does Rydlyme effectively clean your equipment, it also reduces maintenance costs associated with equipment opening and closing, reducing down time. We have 25 years of experience cleaning Black, Green, and White Liquor Systems, Tube/Shell and Plate/Frame Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers, Vacuum Pumps, Scrubbers, and various other industrial applications where fouling or scaling is present It’s the answer when hydro blasting is not. We also offer industrial grade degreasers and cleaners with our Rydall line of products.

The manufacturers we represent are innovative leaders in their field and have reputations for having the highest quality products and are always striving toward perfection. We are proud representatives of Wey Valves, Satron, ABB, Flowserve, NAF, A&R, Klinger, Rydlyme, and ASTI.