Sheet Break Detector

  • Detects Sheet Breaks on paper, board and pulp machine on press and drying section
  • Detects sheet against “Air”, Felt, Roll
  • Reliable felt detection with RGB color measurement
  • Extremely reliable, no false alarms
  • Designed for difficult environment (dirt, steam, high temperature)
  • Can be installed in limited space

KB Superior reliability with color measurement:
  • RGB signals used to separate the sheet from the fabric
  • Measurement colors with biggest difference selected for break detection
  • Automatic level adjustment to avoid long term drifting
  • PC program to visualize and set up the sheet break signal
KB Installation:
  • Easy installation to PM frame
  • Sensor approximately 10-30 cm (4”-12”) away from the sheet
  • Adjustable mounting rack available for easy set up
  • All needed installation hardware can be included in the delivery
  • Installation position and orientation of the sensor memorized with the new mounting rack
KB Specifications:
Ambient Temperature:
Sensor head and fiber optic cable: -10 to 180°C (15°F to 356°F)
Electronics unit: -10 to 60°C (15°F to 140°F)
Fiber Optic Cable:
KB/6: 6 m (20’), KB/9: 9 m (30’) or KB/12: 12m (40’)
Fiber Optic:
Flexible airtight conduit, 20 mm (3/4”) ID min, available as an option.
Conduit Connection:
19 mm (3/4 ”) BSP
Sensor can be located a distance of 5...30 cm (2...10”) from the web.
LED Pulse Frequency:
KB/6: 6 m (20’), KB/9: 9 m (30’) or KB/12: 12m (40’)
Power Supply:
90 - 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 W
Enclosure Class:
IP 66 (Nema 4X)
Purge Air Connection:
Dry instrument air, 6/4 mm (1/8”) connector, normal consumption 80l/min (3 cubic foot/min)
Digital Outputs:
2 x Closing or opening contact max. 250 VAC, 2A; 220VDC, 2 A for Break signal & Maintenance alarm
Alarm Output Delay:
Min. 15 ms from the actual break, selectable
Analog Outputs:
Optional 3 pcs 4 - 20 mA max 600 ohm
PC Connection:
KB PC terminal for set up & monitoring as an option
RS 485 connection to PC.
Optional RS-485 / RS-232 converter for PC
Dimensions (LxHxD) & Weight:
Electronics Unit 323 x 237 x 70 mm (12,7 x 9,3 x 2,8”), 2,5 kg (5lbs)
Sensor head Ø 33 mm (11/4 ”) SS316L pipe 1500 mm (59”) long, 4 kg (9lbs)
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