Save Consistency Sampler

Satron Save Consistency Sampler features:
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Reliable-proven with over 100 installations
  • Few moving parts, No regular maintenance
Popular Applications:
  • Machine Chest
  • Blend Chest
  • HD Tower outlet
  • HW and SW Chests
  • Screen inlets
  • Feed to Bleach Plant
  • Screen Rejects
  • Groundwood
Materials of Construction:
  • Sampler: AISI316L or Hast.C276 or Titanium
  • Coupling: AISI316L or Hast.C276 or Titanium
  • Consistency range 0 - 8% Cs
  • Max Line Pressure 25 Bar(360 psi)

Sampler for Easy & Safe Sampling

SAVE has been designed for controlled and safe sampling of pulp slurry. SAVE’s head is shaped and dimensioned to ensure a representative sample. The sampler head is inserted deep into the process pipe, past the water layer flowing along the pipe wall.

SAVE’s interior parts can be flushed with water after the sample has been taken, to prevent build up or blockage of sampler. Since the sampling valve’s shut-off mechanism is at the head of the sampler, SAVE will not get blocked even during long duty intervals.

SAVE’s piston utilizes metal-to-metal sealing and does not include any wearing parts, such as rubber seals.


SAVE is mounted at a point in the process line that will provide a representative sample. It must not be installed in a dead zone of flow. SAVE is mounted is an opening made on the process pipe through a process coupling selected in accordance with the Selection Chart. TA and SA couplings are welded on the process pipe, while FA type is laminated on plastic process pipe. After SAVE has been mounted on the process pipe you attach the supplied 400 mm(16") plastic discharge tube with a hose clamp. This will ensure that the sample will not splash.

Flushing with water is recommended in all installations. For this purpose a waterline equipped with a shutoff valve is needed to be connected to the sampler. Samplers with Titanium or Hastelloy C276 wetted parts flushing must be connected to prevent corrosion of the samplers interior parts. Solenoid valves must be equipped with restrictors at outlet side to dampen the piston movement.

More Info Installation Instructions
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