Rydall CX Crude Deposit Cleaner

Versatile And Safe To Use Indoors Or Outdoors

RYDALL CX Crude Deposit Cleaner is specifically designed to clean crude oil exchangers at petroleum refineries without having to pull bundles or dismantle units. This innovative biodegradable and water-soluble product contains no solvents and is enriched with corrosion inhibitors and a special blend of surfactants with highly effective wetting properties, ideal for safely and effectively removing pyrophoric corrosion, usually in the form of iron sulfide, that are usually present on the process side of your operation.

RYDALL CX can be used in conjunction with our RYDLYME biodegradable descaler to clean the water side of your operation for a comprehensive cleaning solution that will decrease downtime and increase efficiency.

RYDALL CX comes in a highly concentrated, non-hazardous form and in a variety of containers sizes…
  • 5-gallon Jug
  • 55-gallon Drum
  • 330-gallon Totes
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Sharp Industries, LLC, Cleaning Systems Press, Chemical, Shreveport, LA