Optical Consistency Transmitter, 25mm, 50mm

Full range of optical consistency transmitters for in-line and by-pass installations

The measuring principle is based on the ability of suspended particles to absorb and reflect/transmit NIR-light (near infrared), which is pulsed at 880 nm. The sensors are pre-calibrated for quick and easy start up. After installation, one-point adjustment is performed against a laboratory test. The OC display unit has four selectable calibration curves for applications with varying furnishes.

In-line and by-pass sensors

KPM offers full range of optical consistency transmitters for in-line and by-pass installations. Optical consistency transmitters are the best choice for range 0–2 %Cs. The sensor measures fibers and particles that are greater than 0.88 microns, such as stock from 0.001 % (10ppm) to 15 %, (depending on type of stock).

OC In-line Sensors

The OC 20/70 can be installed directly to the process pipe in a similar way as blade type consistency transmitters.

OC By-pass sensors

The OC by-pass consistency sensors are developed to measure fiber consistency in liquids from 0.001–2 %. The OC P03/25 has polarizing measurement making it suitable for paper machine retention measurement, where there are variations in ash content.The sensors have a 20 mm (OC P03/25 has 3 mm) gap between the lenses, which produces a self-cleaning effect due to the increased velocity. The OC 20/25 has a special meter 20/25-LC for mill effluents and OC 20/25-K for white liquor dregs measurements.

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