KPM KC 7 - MicroWave Consistency Transmitter

Measures total consistency of mixed pulps, different quality pulps, and pulps with fillers

With the reliable and well tested microwave true-phase measurement technology it has proven excellent measurement accuracy. Additionally the transmitter’s straightforward design, with no moving parts, guarantees high uptime and a minimum of maintenance.

  • Measures total consistency including fillers
  • Single-point calibration work for all grades
  • Low installation and lifetime costs
  • Robust design – no moving parts
  • Reliable
  • Not affected by process and furnish changes
  • Easy-to use display
  • Blend / Mixing chest
  • Machine chest
  • Recycled pulps
  • Pulps with changing quality (freeness, kappa, ash)
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Sharp Industries, LLC, Cleaning Systems Press, Chemical, Shreveport, LA