KPM KC-5 Rotary Consistency Transmitter

Wide range sensor applicable to all consistencies (1.5–16%)

With its wide range sensor, KC/5 Rotary Consistency Transmitter is applicable to all consistencies between 1.5–16% With the patented built-in gate valve assembly, the transmitter can be installed and removed while the process is running and with the revolutionary direct-drive servo motor KC/5 requires no maintenance, since there is no belt to change.

  • No wearable drive belt (direct-drive servo motor)
  • No wearable motor parts
    - no bearings
    - no brushes
  • Removable without process shutdown
    - field repairable by normal hand-tools
    - remote display included
  • Wide-range measurement sensor, applicable to all consistencies between 1.5–16%
  • Automatic maintenance
    - self diagnostics and friction measurement,
    - reverse direction rotation (check zero point)
    - automatically loosen foreign objects
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Sharp Industries, LLC, Cleaning Systems Press, Chemical, Shreveport, LA