KPM KC 3 - Blade Consistency Transmitter

Reliable and maintenance free with no moving parts

Its patented, shock resistant seal-less transfer mechanism with unbreakable diaphragm makes it the only transmitter in the market with no moving parts or o-rings seals in the transfer mechanism, making it impossible for process liquid to leak inside sensor. All wetted parts are constructed of titanium. It is a 2-wire transmitter with modern Hart technology, and no external AC power supply is needed.

  • Installation to Sandvik NS70 Saddle
  • Fits to standard process coupling of Valmet Pulp-EL and Smart-Pulp, BTG MBT and SBT
  • All parts easy to replace in the mill with standard shop tools
  • Gap measurement probe and electronics can be changed and tuned without taking transmitter off from process
  • Quick-Cal procedure: Automatic calibration parameter tuning and position adjustment when laboratory consistency value is entered
  • Low installation and lifetime costs
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Sharp Industries, LLC, Cleaning Systems Press, Chemical, Shreveport, LA